Spick Global
Spick Global
New Delhi, Delhi
Revolving Globe Earth Holographic OverlayHolograms With Destructive Void TamperScare Tapes Bird Repeller RibbonsSecure Genuine Holographic Overlay for Evolis Card PrintersCustom 3D Hologram LabelsHoneycomb void Transparent  Holographic LabelsTransparent Holographic Lamination FilmsCustom Holographic Transparent 3d Lamination Films

Company Profile

SPICK GLOBAL Exports spectacular Holograms used for consumer packaging,protecting & authenticating brands..we are engaged in production of Metalised,holographic films,holographic stickers,labels,overlays,tapes

More about us...
Manufacturers, exporters, importers, distributors, traders and suppliers in India of Holographic films, Metalized film, 3d lens film, Hologram labels, hot stamping foils, Holographic tapes for hula hoops, Holographic self adhesive films, Holographic overlay for cards documents, Id card printers holographic overlay etc.
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