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SPICK GLOBAL part of 38 year old SPICK INDIA group is a pioneer manufacturer & exporter in India of Holographic Films, Metallized Films, Hologram Security Labels, PVC Card Holograms, 3D Lens films, Holographic Tapes, Specialized Coated Polyester, Bopp Films.
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Security Hologram

Security Hologram, a production division of the Spick Global. is dedicated to providing manufacturers and consumers with the highest level security for products, packaging, and documents. Our self-adhesive tamper-evident security hologram labels and ID holograms provide security, authentication and protection against counterfeit. Our manufacturing processes utilize the latest security technologies and techniques, thus making it virtually impossible for counterfeiters to create fake products or forge documents protected by holograms.

When you choose security hologram labels to protect your products, you are essentially purchasing an insurance policy that keeps your revenue and your consumers safe from the clutches of counterfeiters and their low-quality goods.

A company’s decision to integrate a security holograms system into its line of products is a positive marketing decision and a good economic choice. It is a decision that ensures only GENUINE products and goods are being sold and purchased, plus it makes counterfeiting more difficult and less likely. Because they are already highly valued for security, holograms are rapidly becoming the only method for protection against counterfeiting.

2D/3D Hologram

2D/3D Hologram is made up of multiple two dimensional layers with hologram images visually placed one behind another with visual depth to produce an effect of three-dimensional hologram structure. It has very good visual depth between different layers and shininess on first layer.
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DOT-MATRIX HologramDot-Matrix Hologram allows implementing unlimited computer controlled and laser beam engraved dots dots in hologram. This Dot-matrix hologram is the result of designs comprising many tiny dots, where each dot is a separate diffraction grating. They create a beautiful impact of variable images.

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True Color Hologram

True Color Hologram is made up of photographic quality art-work. If counterfeiters can’t get the original photo, they can’t duplicate hologram close to original one. It’s a very good way to achieve anti-counterfeit performance by true color hologram.

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Flip-Flop Hologram

Spick GlobalFlip-Flop hologram can display two images from different viewing angle. When the viewing angle changes horizontally (left to right) or vertically (upside and down), different images evolve through the hologram.

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Transparent Hologram

Transparent hologram sticker is see through type holographic sticker. We have tamper-proof and non tamper proof transparent hologram sticker which prevent photocopying and forgeries of document with clear see through view.

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Micro Text or Image in Hologram

Micro Text or Image in HologramMicro text or micro image in hologram is difficult to be seen clearly by naked eye. It’s close visual inspection clearly by by magnifier.

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ID Card Hologram

Transparent hologram Overlays for I.D. Cards using a transparent hologram film overlay on a digitally printed ID card protects the inks from excessive abrasion and wear, which extends the card life and enhance the security of your ID cards. The holographic overlay prevents alterations to the ID card information and combats copying or duplicating the ID card. The overlays presented here are “peel and stick” transparent labels which are manually affixed after the ID card is printed. The size of the overlay is slightly smaller than a standard PVC ID card.
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Serial Number on Hologram Sticker

Serial Number on Hologram StickerSerial numbers or running numbers is additional security feature in hologram. They are widely used to improve management of goods and anti-counterfeit ability.

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Laser Reveal Hidden Text (image) and Mole Hidden Text in Hologram

Laser reveal Hidden Text (image) and Mole Hidden Text in HologramHidden text or image feature contains unique encrypted images or text, invisible to the naked eye and detectable by means of a pocket laser reader. Laser readable hidden text or image just can be seend with special laser pointer (or called laser reader). Mole hidden text just can be revealed when you cover decode film on the hologram sticker encode area. Flash light is an movement security ray come from deep background.

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Pattern Release and Overpriting Release Hologram Sticker

Pattern release holographic sticker leaves customized design word or image which is seperated from aluminum layer when removed. Overpriting release holographic sticker leaves overpriting word or image in red, black and other colors.

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Hologram Hot Stamping Foil

Hologram Hot Stamping FoilHologram Hot Stamping Foil, with hot stamping process, can be transferred to a wide variety of materials, such as paper, synthetic leather, fabric, iron, and plastic. It’s well recognized that hot foils can easily promote the images and value of products. Hologram hot stamping foils used on all kinds of product packaging, greeting cards, gifts, stationery, calendars, book covers, credit cards & variety of plastics. When incorporated with custom design pattern or logo, Hologram hot stamping foils become security foils that protect credit cards, passport, and value documents from counterfeit.

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Hologram Tape (Hologram Seal)

Hologram Tape (Hologram Seal)Hologram Security Tape (hologram security seal) provides tamper-evident protection at the highest level. It offers you a High level of protection for envelope, box and cartons. The tamper evident pattern released hologram tape seals are specially developed for induction sealing to envelope, box, bag,cartons, etc.When the pattern released seal is opened, it’ll leave word such as ‘VOID’, ‘ORIGINAL’, ‘CANCELED’, ‘OPENED’.

We have different thickness of hologram sticker base material-metalized Aluminium film in thickness of 0.025mm, 0.036mm, 0.050mm. We also have different pressure sensitive material to make different hologram sticker. 25 Micron is default thickness of our hologram stickers.

Metalized PET film has different colors. More than 90% hologram sticker is made of silver and golden color material because silver and golden material has best hologram effect. Other color material as Blue, Red, Green also is available.

Hologram Tape (Hologram Seal)We offer Custom Holograms as well as Generic patterns (some images as under) ready to supply which can be overprinted with serial numbers and logo”s texts etc

Cost of holographic sticker includes charge of Cylinder making called Master or Shim its the tool to reproduce the Holograms, sticker sheet and die-cutting mold (only charge for special shape)

Usually, we leave 1mm or 2 mm gap between two pieces of stickers for die-cutting,or if to be cost effecient no gaps.

Ready reckoner for sheets (Standard 15cm) with 1 gap holograms per sheet
(1)   36 pcs per sheet…………..  25mm*25mm
(2)   49 pcs per sheet…………..  20mm*20mm
(3)   64 pcs per sheet…………..  18mm*18mm
(4)   90 pcs per sheet…………..  15mm*15mm
(5)   196 pcs per sheet…………. 10mm*10mm
(6)   35 pcs per sheet…………..  30mm*20mm
(7)   98 pcs per sheet…………..  20mm*10mm
(8)   40 pcs per sheet…………..  30mm*18mm
(9)   140 pcs per sheet…………. 15mm*10mm
(10) 9 pcs per sheet……………   50mm*50mm

SH-050 SH -021 SH-005 DOT-MATRIX Hologram
SH -021
SH 001
Original Hologram

Original Security Globe SH-045 SH 004 Gen Original 20mm Square SH 011authentic Star 3.5x2 SH 013 Secure Key 4cmx2cm
Original Security Globe
SH 004
Gen Original 20mm Square
SH 011
authentic Star 3.5x2
SH 013
Secure Key 4cmx2cm

SH 014 Svag 15mm Round Corner SH 010 Genuino Autentico 20mm Circle SH 020 Warranty Void If Seal Broken SH 009 Genuine Export Quality Serial Number
SH 014
Svag 15mm Round Corner
SH 010
Genuino Autentico 20mm Circle
SH 020
Warranty Void If Seal Broken
SH 009
Genuine Export Quality Serial Number

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Security Hologram 2" X 3/4" (SGHL072)

Hologram Hot Stamping FoilPattern number - SGHL072 pattern name-security hologram 2" x 3/4" holographic security label with big text "security" surrounded by dot matrix, kinetc, flip flop effects and small texts "security" size-2 inch x 3/4" inch void or honeycomb on tamper or destroy on removal can be imprinted/over printed with serial numbers, texts, graphic to customize the labels to secure products, documents etc.

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Hologram on Printed Labels (SGHLPPXXX)

Hologram Hot Stamping FoilWe offer Security Holograms which are impossible to duplicate on paper labels,printed with text graphics and which can be further bar coded and serial number etc and add texts as required to secure OEM, Products, Warranty products, Gaurantee documents, Diplomas and degress, cheques etc contact for details.

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